Abide Agreement Definition

1abide byno object accept or act in accordance with (a rule, decision or recommendation) Beyond the mental acuity that is necessary to concentrate through pain, the young woman must also follow a strict diet. This means that we are working with a franchisee who supports our clean energy goals, respects the terms of the agreements and will not lobby in Sacramento for legislation against our clean energy future. San Diego County health workers knew schools were still closed when they made their decision to stay. North Korea must show that it is serious and that it is ready to meet its commitments, especially with regard to denuclearization. Guaderrama told VOSD that Allied Universal Guards is required to follow MTS` body camera policy and that the contractor, such as MTS, identifies and provides on-demand recordings. Broussard was not one to hold such a defeat. Human happiness, the Greek historian Herodotus once observed, “does not stay long in the same place. But even for children who have to look after older parents on their own, they want to stick to tradition. middle English, back to the old English ab`dan, of the prefix a, perfectif b`dan “zu bide, wait”; a- (even a, ǣ- under stress in nominal derivatives) similar borders on the old, perfect prefix, old – , (without charge a-) and probably of old, extreme, missing English (in nominary compounds), “Altofriesisch – Alts-chsisch ihr- or, the old German ar, ir-, the verb inchoring without the prefix sound, your “out, away,” Alt-Norse-r-, “aus, aus,” aus, “if from the vorgermanic -ud-s- similar to the old “out” – more at entry 1, the questions you ask have nothing to do with the meaning of the word “abide.” As @phenry has already said, the clause you have quoted simply requires that you comply with the terms of use (ToS) of the company concerned.

It has become clear that many aspects of client interaction need to be digitized in order to comply with measures of social disinterest. The word that creates commitment is not to actually hold; You agree that this is something you are going to do, otherwise you will violate the Treaty. Whether that means acting or forcing anything would be stipulated in the terms of use. I know your opinion on this apology and I am prepared to respect your own judgment. Although the phrase may not hold, for some it has the feeling of a modern approach, it has been pointed out that such use goes back at least to Shakespeare: in Part II of Henry IV, Falstaff says, “She would always say that she cannot hold masterfully shallow.” He was rarely allowed to choose for himself, but he was expected to stick to his parents` choice.