Volvo Supplier Agreement

We are in the process of dividing our activities into suppliers of direct materials (supply of production materials for the manufacture of our products) and indirect purchasing suppliers (other products and services necessary to manage our activities). The Volvo Cars Supplier Portal is a place where we communicate with our suppliers and exchange useful information so that we cooperate in the most efficient way possible. We invite all our suppliers to apply for access. Each vendor account is only for you – one user, one account. Passwords are chosen by individual users and remain valid for only 90 days for security reasons. You`ll receive an email notification when it`s time to update your password. Our Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) rewards suppliers who achieve excellence in: capable systems, manufacturing processes, current performance, launch performance, continuous improvement, customer support. Maintaining a good relationship is essential to the success of Volvo Cars and its suppliers. Meeting our high expectations for value, efficiency and innovation, as well as supporting our core values of safety, environmental concerns and quality, ensure that we build a sustainable future together. The Volvo Cars Supplier portal is full of useful information for our suppliers, including our global terms and conditions, quality requirements and sustainable development policies.

It includes many Volvo-specific applications and helps us work together in the most efficient way possible. It`s good to let our suppliers know when they`re doing well. For the most exciting trip in our history, we need the right business partners. We are looking for suppliers that meet our high expectations for value, efficiency and innovation, while supporting our core safety, quality and environmental values to build a sustainable future together. These include social responsibility and caring for people along the value chain, in line with our Omtanke sustainable development agenda. This service includes flexible start times for runners who even meet the most remote merchants, which means an improved and more efficient delivery service at the federal level. Michael Martin, VP Business Development, Automotive, DHL Supply Chain, added: “DHL is pleased to work with one of the world`s leading automotive companies to promote innovative approaches to exceptional customer service. Follow @SamJermy and @SupplyChainD on Twitter.DHL Supply Chain has signed a five-year contract with Volvo Cars, one of the world`s… “This new contract marks the launch of a new partnership between DHL and Volvo Cars, which will provide us with an innovative service level delivery network, which will improve efficiency.

Volvo Cars` commitment to its customers is excellent and, at DHL, we take an appropriate approach to quality of service in all of our collaborative partnerships. If you have any technical problems with the vendor`s portal or any of the applications provided through the portal, you can call our Service Desk 24 hours a day on 46 31 59 10 00. Under the new contract, DHL will manage four local distribution centres with shared distribution. Deliveries are made at night via DHL`s Auto Alliance collaborative platform. During the day, deliveries are made in the same daily service to all Volvo Cars UK dealers. DHL Supply Chain has been awarded a five-year contract with Volvo Cars, one of the automotive industry`s best-known brands, to manage the storage and distribution of aftermarket parts to more than 120 dealerships across the UK.