Beaconhills Enterprise Agreement

Recommendations are made by the PRSB member after consideration of the merits, justice and awareness of the dispute and the terms of the relevant enterprise agreement. The parties may be represented by someone other than a lawyer. The PRSB determines, at its sole discretion, the means by which it will consider a report on such a dispute. All disputes in point 11 are communicated in writing to the PRSB: . At the request of the Chief Commissioner (or his or her representative) or a person who is entitled to the corresponding agreement (including police officers, protection officers or the Australian Police Federation), the PRSB will review the dispute and present a report and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner. The Chief Commissioner intends to implement the prSB`s recommendations in accordance with point 11.4: “The PRSB`s decision is binding on both the employee and the employer.” The letter in which the dispute is reported should use numbered paragraphs and contain the following information: The report of the PRSB member will contain a recommendation to the Chief Commissioner regarding the dispute, which may include the discussion that the parties have agreed to a resolution of the matter, a recommendation without further action, or the adoption of certain measures to resolve the dispute. The PRSB member handling the litigation will give the parties written instructions to conduct their investigation, including all instructions for submitting the outlines of bids or documents. Parties are required to follow such a direction. The PRSB will apply the rules of natural justice (procedural justice) to question and report on the dispute.

The PRSB will give the parties the opportunity to present relevant arguments and information and to respond to what is presented against them, but it may decide, at its sole discretion, whether this opportunity is granted in writing or in person. If it is argued that the issue should be mentioned urgently, there are reasons to be given.