Brandon University Collective Agreement

Claim (Article 32.2): A worker wishing to make a complaint in Stage 1 of the appeal procedure informs his appointed superior in writing, no later than thirty working days after the day: a) who has informed orally or in writing the appeal or fact that led to the complaint; or b) which he was first aware of the act or circumstances that led to the claim. The Chancellor is the titular director of the university and, in addition to his other duties, he will award all degrees. (f) determine the degrees, honorary doctorates, diplomas and patents issued by the university, as well as the persons to whom they are to be awarded; Following this shutdown, BUFA launched a certification trip in September 1977. The application for certification was filed with the employment agency on October 17, 1977. Pending a favourable certification judgment, Dennis Oleson and Gerald Neufeld have brought together existing collective agreements from other universities across Canada. They tried to include the best features of the old faculty – letter of administration and these other agreements in the first proposed draft collective agreement. There would be a chancellor of the university, elected by the Senate for a three-year term. The Board of Governors is maintained as the governing body of the university. Leave (collective agreement: section 39.1.3): in effect until March 31; OC contribution calendar until April 15. Professional development (Collective Agreement: Article 22): 2-year cycle April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020. Apply at any time. There is nothing in paragraph 2, point h) that prevents the university from holding any form of obligation, obligation, action, action or other investment given to it or from bearing the conditions of a position of trust. (i) enter into agreements or agreements to promote the purposes and purposes of the university and to assign the relevant signatories to agreements and other documents; The Board of Directors may authorize any person, associate or organization to use the name, coat of arms or coat of arms of the university under conditions that the board of directors may set.

An exam for a degree to go through the university can be answered by the candidate either in English or in French. A university and a trade unionist representing university staff, executive or professional university may enter into a collective agreement that imposes or results in a mandatory retirement age of 65 or more. At the time, buFA, led by then-President Joe Dolecki, was aiming for an increase of 4% per year for 3 years, a workload likened to other Manitoban and Canadian institutions, and the maintenance of the language in the collective agreement that allowed for a working relationship with the administration, which reflected a culture of equality and respect. These requests would always have the effect of making BUFA members one of the lowest paid faculties in the country. Brandon University (BU) President Dr. Deborah Poff and the BU administration have placed Grant Mitchell, a well-known Winnipeg union lawyer, as their chief negotiator. Under Mitchell`s leadership, BU proposed wage increases that would result in lower wages once the cost of living was taken into account, expectations for increased contact with students and less time for research, as well as many proposed changes to the language and organization of the collective agreement that would reflect a very top-down style of governance among the 240 BUFA members.