Securities Exchange Agreement With Ht

(d) Any mortgaged interest held by the insured party in this dash may, if a delay event has occurred and continues, and as long as the insured party has informed the Grantor in writing of its intention to exercise its registration power in accordance with that sentence prior to the execution of that sentence, may be registered on behalf of the insured party or its candidate. , and the insured party or its candidate may exercise, without notice, all voting rights and rights of the company at each meeting with respect to a mortgaged entity and exercise all rights of conversion, exchange, subscription or other rights, privileges or options related to one of the mortgaged interests, as if it were the absolute owner, including , without limitation, the right of the unit or exercise of a right, a lien or an option related to any of the mortgaged interests related to one of the mortgaged companies or the insured part of a right, privilege or option related to any of the shares mortgaged by a mortgaged entity or by the insured party, and exchange it at its discretion. , and in connection with the deposit and delivery of all mortgaged interest to a committee, custodian, transfer agent, registrar or other designated agency, on terms that the insured party can reasonably determine, except for the consideration of the assets actually received by the insured party, but the insured party has no obligation to exercise any of the aforementioned rights. , privileges or options and is not responsible for non-compliance or delay. “Copyright license” means any written agreement granting a right to use a copyright or copyright registration, which is now in possession or in the following paragraphs, acquired by the company or in which the company subsequently participates or acquires. This law applies to bonds, such as bonds, bonds and bonds, which are offered for public sale. Although these securities may be registered under the Securities Act, they cannot be put up for sale to the public unless a formal agreement between the bond issuer and the bondholder, known as Trust Indenture, complies with the standards of the Securities Trust. The Registered Direct Offering was conducted pursuant to the Company`s registration statement on Form S-3 (registration number 333-237920) which was declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 8, 2020, including the prospectus included, as well as an additional prospectus filed with the SEC in connection with the registered direct offer. A “significant subsidiary” means “significant subsidiary” for each person any subsidiary of that person, which constitutes a “significant subsidiary” (within the meaning of Rule 1-02 (w) of Regulation S-X under the Exchange Act).