Wrong Address On Tenancy Agreement

IANAL, but I guess a wrong address is listed a problem. If the tenant does not agree to make the changes, a correction could be considered as a last resort by the courts. Crucially, in the example above, there is a good deal of evidence that both parties intended to have the $450 rent. This is demonstrated in particular by the fact that the tenant pays 450 $US at the beginning of the lease. Sometimes there are errors in the design of a lease. A typical question may be: I would certainly like it to be changed to match your address correctly, while it is probably an honest mistake that I have seen too many dubious owners tactics and that agents let it feel good. Ideally, an agreement should be reached with the tenant and a new lease should be established and signed by all parties, reflecting the corrections made. No problem with the lease – if it has already been tried, it would have to be agreed that it was a common opinion, that we knew what the denied property was: it would be absolutely indefensible that there could be a debate about the property in question, because otherwise one would be in violation, or that the owner would be responsible for the other occupants for violation. In the agreement we signed, there is clearly address 1a, but after some research, it turns out that the residents of the first floor think that their apartment is flat 1a, and ours is either `1` or `ground floor, 1`. Our ISP also thinks the first floor apartment is 1a. If you wish, you can simply delete the number on your contract if you have to show it to someone else.

My question is this: does the fact that our rental agreement stipulates that we live at 1a and not at our actual address affect the validity of the contract, and should we go back to the real estate agents and ask for a change, or can we just continue with the right address? I applied for a property at 450pcm. The data showed this amount and, by extension, the announcement. When the lease was signed, the tenant also paid $450 in rent for the first few months and 450 $US deposit. The following month, $357 in rent was paid instead of US$450, along with a letter stating that the lease indicated that the rent was $357.00, and that was all they would pay from now on.